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Design, Installation

and Maintenance Guarantee

Consultation, Events

Environmental Responsibility

Whether services are required for 5 or 500 (and more) plants, Tropical-1 will supply a quote for servicing your existing office decor. We will also provide a submission for new projects as well as additional plantings to supplement your current decor. Maintenance contracts at competitive rates are available for as low as $50.00 per month.

In addition, we offer short and long-term rentals of plants and containers for corporate and private events. Enhance your event with a living green accent. 

We are available for consultations, as well as replanting and repotting services on a single and/or multiple plants basis. 

Tropical-1 shows concern for your work environment, by using non-toxic and preventative maintenance procedures to keep plantings healthy.

Tropical-1 maintains and guarantees all new installations as well as servicing your existing plantings.

Serving businesses for more than 25 years, Tropical-1, is a firm specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of plant décor.


At Tropical-1, our interior plantscape expertise is the product of a long term commitment to the quality installation and maintenance of commercial and residential interior environmental plantings.

"Let us evaluate your needs and provide solutions"


"We would like to atest to the excellent service we received. The TROPICAL-1 personnel are passionnate about plants, service is professional, flexible and  the team is easy to deal with."  Banque Nationale


"We congratulate Tropical-1 on their expertise, professionalisme and their exceptional service. Trough our three moves, Tropical-1 guided us, without losses or damage. We appreciate and have confidence in their service. For these reasons we recommend them without hesitation."    M.O.T. Intermodal Shipping Inc.

"The prolonging of this contract is motivated by our entire satisfaction of the services provided"    Public Works and Government Services Canada



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Plants and Planters 


Be inspired by the variety of interior plants from which we select your plant decor, or retrieve information about a particular plant, we invite you to visit our image gallery:


Tropical-1 will choose container styles to enhance your plant decor. Look, for example, at the possibilities three of our suppliers offer:



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Montreal, QC

H3Z 1B8


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